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Attack Surface Management

Effective network defence requires detailed, accurate and up-to-date attack surface data. Driftnet continuously scans and identifies organizations’ digital footprints and reports on exposed assets and potential vulnerabilities.

Market-leading data coverage and quality ensure that you have the most reliable information to safeguard your organization and your clients. Customizable integration options allow us to fit into your existing systems and processes.

attack surface management

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Enterprise API

Data Feeds

Threat Intelligence

Arm your intel and security team with Driftnet’s actionable threat data. Comprehensive coverage, detailed tagging and deep technical pivots will help your analysts expand that single bad domain into an entire campaign.

With domain WHOIS, IP registration, and Certificate Transparency data all directly accessible from within Driftnet, your teams can streamline their workflow and reduce time spent switching between multiple tools.

threat intel

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Network Defence

Just as sure as the sun rises, attackers will probe your networks, searching for accidental mistakes and misconfigurations that every developer makes at some point.

With Driftnet, you can get there first. Utilize our intuitive web interface or integrate with our comprehensive community API to stay ahead of potential threats.

network defence

Secure your own network, pay nothing.

Network Admins and Independent Researchers get free non-commercial access to Driftnet.

Defenders need facts. We show you exactly what we see.

Deep Internet Scans

3,500+ Ports Covered

Refined by continuous survey sampling.

Port-Agnostic Collection

Bespoke algorithms detect any service on any port.

IPv6 Fully Supported

Multi-source hitlist generation.

Virtual & Cloud Hosting Handled

Over three billion IP / host / port combinations matched & monitored.

scan data
registration data

IP & Domain Registrations

Comprehensive IPv4 & IPv6 coverage

Complete Regional Internet Registry and RWHOIS data.

Over 500 Million Domain Names

Domain registration data monitored, cleaned and normalized.

Extensive DNS Coverage

Over a Billion Hostnames

Forward DNS, MX & TXT collected.

Complete Reverse Lookups

Full coverage across the IPv4 space.

dns data
ct data

Certificate Transparency

Every Usable CT Log

Continuously monitored, fully searchable.

Enrichments & Fingerprints

Our proprietary product tagging incorporates the industry standard nmap, recog, webappanalyzer and nuclei datasets for maximal device identification.

We include vulnerability reporting with CPE/CVE enrichment from NIST NVD, with CVSS & EPSS scoring. CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities are called out and tagged for easy identification.

We pull and fingerprint favicons for every site we find.

At the cutting edge, we include JARM & JA4X fingerprints, fully searchable, for any service running TLS and for every TLS certificate.

cve illustration
reverse searching

Geolocation & Entities

Driftnet data is fully tagged with ASN numbers, entity names and geolocations.

We build our own labelling databases directly, by applying LLM technology to IP registration data, then rolling in public geo-feeds supplied by large hosting providers.

Reverse Searching

One of the most tedious parts of a client engagement is often asset enumeration. Driftnet makes it a piece of cake.

Our domain and IP registration data is reverse-searchable by name, domain, address & phone.

reverse searching
user-prioritizable illustration

User-Prioritizable Collection

If you know what you want better than we do, you can tell us. On-demand IP scans, domain scans and domain WHOIS collection is available via our API.

Build your products on our data feeds.

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