Analyzing your exposure starts with one click

Driftnet discovers your internet footprint, then shows you exactly what you have out there.

Built on Unique Data

Our datasets are collected, processed and analyzed by us.
It's the only way to be sure.
  • Deep Internet Scans

    3500+ ports covered, refined by continuous survey sampling.

    Adaptive scan cadence with dynamic revisit & retry mechanisms.

    Hybrid bespoke + nmap protocol probing approach for maximal coverage.

    Virtual & cloud hosting: 4 billion ip/hostname/port combinations monitored.

    IPv6 fully supported, with multi-source hitlist generation.

  • Comprehensive IP Registrations

    Detailed IP registration data for all active IPv4 & IPv6 ranges.

    RIR, RWHOIS, Reverse DNS & BGP data, all fully monitored.

  • Extensive Domain WHOIS

    400 million domain names, continuously monitored.

    Cleaned & normalized data.

  • Massive DNS Respository

    Forward DNS lookups on over a billion hostnames.

    Reverse lookups across the entire IPv4 space.

  • Full Certificate Transparency Logs

    Every Chrome-compliant CT log continuously monitored.

    All active certificates, fully searchable.

Built for Defenders

Defenders need facts.

We show you exactly what we see.

observations screenshot

Accurate Observations

As a network defender, you know what you're looking for. To help you find it, we keep the data you see as pure as possible. We don't compute scores, show management summaries or hide inferences.

Instead, we collect data, and we accurately report the data that we collect. So that you can find unnecessary exposed services and other vulnerabilities. So that you can fix them.

enrichments screenshot

Enrichments & Fingerprints

For maximal device identifiability, Driftnet incorporates the industry-standard nmap and recog CPE fingerprinting databases.

We also measure JARM fingerprints for any service we see running TLS. And make them fully searchable, of course.

Built for Your Workflow

Use our integrated tool or integrate with your own systems.
All website features available via API.
  • Built-In Project Manager

    Integrated selector management tool keeps related terms in the same project.

    Tagging & provenance tracking to keep tabs on discovered terms.

  • Fully Reverse-Searchable

    Domain and IP registration data searchable by name, domain, address & phone.

  • All-Encompassing API

    JSON-based REST API allows full access to all features.

    Multiple concurrent queries allowed. No rate limit.

  • User-Prioritizable Collection

    On-demand scans available.

    On-demand WHOIS collection available.

Built for the Enterprise

Enterprise users base their risk and security products on Driftnet bulk feeds.

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