Driftnet Feeds

Bulk and custom feeds for security integrators.

Digital Footprint Monitoring

Continuously validate your attack surface.

Driftnet's monitoring service takes in your organization's known selectors, and gives you back a comprehensive set of asset indicators derived from database searches and active enumeration:

  • Complete IP & domain registration data; full hosting data; exposed service and certificate status.
  • Active subdomain discovery.
  • Speculative infrastructure discovery through automated certificate / hosting / typosquat cross-matching.

Internet-Wide Scans

High volume, high visibility.

Driftnet's internet scans are first-class in range and reach. We offer market-leading quality at a realistic price.

  • Dedicated probe infrastructure using multiple access techniques for best coverage. Bespoke protocol probe system plus with the best of open-source, for maximal protocol coverage and enrichment.
  • Variable cadence ensures that the most popular ports are covered every few days. Dynamic port sampling ensures that we are always on top of the most popular ports.
  • Over half a billion currently-present services actively tracked on a three-day revisit cycle. Adaptive backoff for increased fidelity.

Fresh Domains

Newly-observed domains from a variety of sources.

Brand protection and Threat Intelligence build on our daily lists of newly-registered and newly-observed domains.

  • Compiled from newly-registered domains, newly observed certificates and reverse-DNS lookups.
  • Optimized for overall latency.

Built for You

Choose the format that fits with your systems
  • Google BigQuery

    Direct access to our datasets

  • JSON Dumps

    S3, GCS or scp transfers.

  • Live Stream

    Instantaneous data from our Apache Pulsar message bus.

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